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Dear Friend,

Believe me when I say it - I know what you are going through. One day, everything seems fine and peachy - you're happy together and every night you fall asleep next to him grateful for the wonderful husband you have...

And then he says those dreadful words, and suddenly it feels like the world is swirling around you, and you simply stand there, thunderstruck, unable to comprehend or believe...

Divorce is a terrible, painful thing to face. It saps your strength and drains you of emotional energy and resilience. It reduces your marriage to a painful sequence of grim, grey days, full of depression, disillusionment and disappointment.

And through all of it, just one question resonates through your mind...

"How could he? After everything I've done, after everything I've sacrificed for him - how could he?"

Divorce can be devastating - but it need not be inevitable. No matter how bad your marital situation may look like, the truth is, divorce is usuablly avoidable. In fact, I know hunderds of couples that stood at the very brink of separation - and yet discovered how to turn back fron the precipice at the very last moment.

How did they do it?

Allow me to let you in on a little secret here... The reason why so many marriages end in divorce is because, when faced with the possibiliy of separation, couples go about handling it in exactly the wrong way!

They harass, scream and yell at each other, involve their kids and family friends, accuse each other of all sorts of crimes - both real and imagined...

The end result... The couple ends up separating, shattering their lives and those of their children in the process...

But what if I were to tell you that there is a way to avoid the pain of separation, to make your husband reconsider his decision and make him give your marriage another chance?

What if I were to tell you that, through all this darkness and misery, there is a surefire way to replant the seeds of love in your marriage and make it blossom forevermore?

Let me make an educated guess here... Chances are, you've already tried doing some of the things that you believe would save your marriage. For example:

  • You've explained to him over and over why it's the wrong decision - for you and your kids
  • You've begged him for another chance, promising that this time, things will be different
  • You've been giving in to everything your husband asks of you, just for the sake of keeping your marriage together

Do any of these sound familiar? If yes, then allow me to disappoint you terribly, here and now:

Stopping divorce is not about giving it to your husband or forcing him to stay!

When I read your book, it was like a shock to me.

I realized that I had spent the last two months doing exactly the things you described I should not do!

I begged him, trying to force him into staying, even threatened him with separation from kids if he leaves... Needless to say, nothing worked!

It was only by following the advice in your book that I was finally able to reverse what seemed like an inevitable downward spiral towards divorce - and put my marriage back on the right track!

Thank you - you can't imagine how much having him back in my arms means to me.

Megan H., Atlanta


But don't worry - it's not your fault. The problem is, there's a tremendous amount of bad advice out there. Very often, these people mean well and they're genuine when they claim that they're just trying to save your marriage - but, unfortunately, most of such advice is rubbish that will either destroy the marriage even faster or, worse still, allow you to keep your husband by sacrificing your independence, freedom and self-respect.

You see, unfortunately, a lot of divorce-prevention guides out there put a lot of blame on you the wife. Somehow, you're the one who is responsible for the collapse of the marriage, and, somehow, you're the one who has to make all the changes, compromise and give without asking anything back just to keep your husband.

Now, let me come out and say it once and for all... This is nonsense!

Relationships are a two-way street - and while you can't get your husband to change, it is important to remember that both parties share the blame for marital problems equally.

This is why I put together a book that draws heavily on personal experiences, expert research and first-hand observation to identify what you as the wife can do to get your husband to make the changes needed to make the marriage work!

"Evergreen Marriage" is the most definitive and authoritative guide ever written on the subject of marriage and divorce prevention.

Drawing upon extensive reseach and first-hand accounts, it shows you how to handle the bad news, turn the situation around to your advantage and eventually convince your husband to give your marriage another go - no matter how determined he may be to seek divorce!

It doesn't matter whether he has already asked for divorce or whether you simply feel that you've hit a point in your relationship where such a moment is inevitable; regardless of how bad things might look, this book will show you a tried-and-true way to end your marital troubles once and for all!

Allow me to let you in on a little secret... Although he may be the one seeking divorce, as his wife, you are ultimately the one who gets to decide how your marriage works out in the end!

You see, as his wife, there is a massive number of psychological techniques that you can employ to gently help him change his mind - without him even being aware of it!

In fact, if you play your cards right, in the end, he will be the one telling you that your marriage deserves another shot!

And the best part is... You don't need your husband's cooperation in this...

Whether he wants to or not, you will make him reconsider divorce!

But don't take my word for it - see for yourself what you will discover in this groundbreaking book!

6 behaviors that almost every married woman engages in - and that can literally devastate your marriage within days!
3 simple steps you can take TODAY to make him doubt his decision to divorce you and walk around confused and uncertain - even as you carefully plan your next cunning move!
Discover exactly WHY he's seeking divorce, WHAT went wrong in your marriage and HOW to stop it from wrecking your relationship for good. HINT: very often, it's NOT what you think!
Discover how you can win the breathing space you desperately need to start addressing the issues in your marriage - remember, your goal number one right now is to get him to postpone the divorce!
Infidelity is NOT the end of marriage - discover how you can discuss it with your husband in a calm, rational and constructive manner to help you understand WHY it really happened - and what you can do about it!
Is your husband unwilling to get involved in fixing your marriage? Not to worry - use my step-by-step guide to convince your husband to work WITH you to help fix the problems - even if divorce is all he THINKS he wants!
Discover the answer to the age-old problem of how to reignite passion and excitement in an established marriage (Hint: it does NOT always involve bungee-jumping!)

I found your book shortly after my husband told me he wanted to file for divorce.

I was a desperate, sobbing, emotional train-wreck of a woman - and the fact that, the very same day, he admitted to having an affair wasn't much help, either...

But using your book, I decided to give it another chance - and not only did I stop the divorce dead in its tracks as you so like to put it, but I also managed to put a permanent end to his affair!

Sometimes, I still wonder if I did the right thing - but I know our kids will thank me for it when they grow up.

Thank you.

Jessica K., St. Louis

Look, let me be very clear about something. I know that there are times when you feel like the problems you're facing are insurmountable. I know there are days when it seems like there's no hope left, and your only option is to give up and let it all go...

But before you throw in the towel, consider this - I've seen marriages bounce back from what even I thought was the point of no return. This book is based on studying marriages that were salvaged under circumstances where most other couples would simply give up and call it a day, because there seemed to be no way they could overcome any of these:

  • Infidelity
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Loss of romance
  • Lack of excitement and surprise
  • Tediousness, monotomy and predictability
  • Limited quality time together
  • Possessive/uncaring husband

Let me assure you - no matter how bad things might seem, there are thousands of married couples out there who faced the same issues that you are facing and still managed to retain a loving and caring marriage!

The techniques that you will discover in this book are the same methods that were successfully used to bring these couples back from the brink and help them not only repair, but also rebuild and improve their marriage!

Let me be very honest with you - a marriage under the threat of divorce is not a fun marriage to be in. It is emotionally draining and psychologically overbearing, and, if the problem is not addressed quickly, can cause very serious emotional damage to both you and your husband.

But let me also tell you this... I know hundreds of couples who had a near-miss experience with divorce... But they persevered... They struggled on... And in the end, not only did they manage to stop divorce dead in its tracks, but they also used it as a unique opportunity to reevaluate their marriage and make it stronger than ever before!

In this book, I will show you not only how to avoid divorce, but also how to rebuild your marriage and reintroduce passion, excitement and thrill into it all over again. Not only will it help you stop divorce dead in its tracks, but it will also make your marriage stronger, more resilient, more exciting and more loving!

I'm not exaggerating when I say that you'll feel like you're 25 again!


I just wanted to tell you that I read your book and used the steps you described to avoid what I thought would be an inevitable divorce.

When things settled a little bit, I discovered that, just like you told me, a lot of the things that I originally used to just stop the divorce, I could also use later on to add excitement and thrill to my marriage again!

I just can't thank you enough! I followed your advice on dating as a married couple, and you can't imagine how much it has turned the clock back on my marriage!

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

Kathleen S., New York


As you can see, I have made it my mission to help women just like you put an end once and for all to the ghastly specter of divorce that plagues your marriage.

Every day, I hear from women all over the world who tell me how much my book has helped them and how they successfully rebuilt their marriages - even when divorce seemed inevitable.

However, I also know from experience that there is a LOT of bad advice out there... Things like blaming yourself for everything, or doing whatever your husband tells you, or using your kids and his friends as some sort of leverage against him...

Unlike all those unscrupulous fraudsters out there who try to tell you how to fix your marriage when they can barely sort their own lives out, I want to make sure that my advice helps you.


Like I said, I know from experience that there's a lot of bad advice out there... And I know you don't want to run the risk of getting burned.

After all, we've only just met, right?

For this reason, I am willing to offer you unconditional, no-questions-asked, iron-clad 60-day refund guarantee.

Look, I know you may be feeling hesitant... So that's why I'm doing this... I really, really want to make sure that this book reaches you in time to help stop your divorce. And if it means that I have to run the risk of someone stealing my book by abusing my refund guarantee, so be it... If this book reaches you, then it's all worth it!

I just wanted to thank you once again for the time and effort you've put into the book. To say that it helped me would be an understatement...

At one point, there was a time when I just didn't think I could go on much longer... It seemed like no matter what I tried, I kept running into a brick wall... I just didn't see how I could convince him to give us another shot...

And then I read your book - and everything changed! In retrospect, I can't believe how many mistakes I made trying to win him over. Thank you very much for opening my eyes - and saving my marriage!

Jillian H., WI

P.S. Feel free to post excrepts of this e-mail on your site - but PLEASE keep my last name confidential.


Today, I am offering you nothing more and nothing less than the key to finally saving your marriage. After all the pain and misery that you have gone through, after all the tension and despair - you can now stop divorce and banish its ugly specter from your marriage forever.

Imagine, for a moment, waking up for all of this as from some horrible dream. Imagine being able to look back on this stage of your relationship as a thing of the past that has no place in the present. Imagine waking up to him, each and every morning, and knowing, will full confidence, that your future - and that of your children - is finally secure!

And now... The key to all of this is finally yours... The salvation of your marriage is literally only a mouse-click away... I programmed this site so that you will receive the book instantaneously in digital format - so you can start saving your marriage TODAY.


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1. Get Ex Back Personal Plan

2. Getting Him or Her Back

3. Bonus Book Package
1. What Women Really Want
2. Elements of a Successful Relationship
3. Finding & Keeping the Right Person
4. Healthy Dating and Relationships
5. Online Dating For Men
6. Online Dating Bliss
7. 101 Romantic Ideas
8. 101 Dating Tips
9. How To Get The Truth Out of Anyone
10. Divine Secrets of the Dating Game

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P.S. Remember, you can't afford NOT to take action... Even as you read this, your marriage is collapsing all around you. Why be a passive observer of its demise when you can take proactice steps to securing your future together!

P.P.S. The key to saving your marriage and stopping divorce is proper timing. The longer you wait, the more alienated your husband will grow - until it comes to a point where no one could put your marriage back together. Every second you procrastinate, your chances of winning him back grow slimmer! Don't let it come to the point of no return - download your copy today and make your marriage bloom with love and care once again!