Constant Contact, He or She Won't Let Me Go

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    My husband's involvement and attraction towards me was fading away. It was only a matter a time before he would ask for a divorce. Even though I knew it would happen soon I was in a state of shock when the moment finally arrived.

    I did what I could to cope with it all. I derived a �what's wrong with us� list. Then followed it up with a �how to improve� list. I gone through episodes where I pleaded with my husband, tried to talk him out of it, cried while bluntly begging and other usual responses and tactics from someone who doesn't want a divorce. We tried counseling without success. In desperation, I suggested a trial separation hoping that he misses me and things would go back to normal.

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    He or She Won't Let Me Go
    by Diva Rebecca


    So you had your heart ripped out from your chest when your beloved decided to break things off. There could be a number of reasons why. There could be a commitment issue, he or she might want time to him or herself or that person might want to date other people. The relationship you were in could have been a long term relationship or it may only have been a few months long. In any case, this person broke up with you but still seems to be hanging around.

    Those mixed signals suck. You have no idea if you should stay or go. Your ex broke it off with you but he or she is calling every other day still telling you how much he or she misses you. What is that all about? It just doesn't seem fair. If he or she misses you so much, why aren't you two still together? You have a thousand questions and you can't seem to get them answered. And when you try and get answers from your ex, it only seems to make things worse. He or she gets even more distant and you get more discouraged.

    Dating Help

    Learn about the secrets to successful dating

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    2. For Women : Men Made Easy

    So what exactly is going on here? Why won't your ex let you go and start over again? Why won't your ex let you get over this heart ache?

    The reason is usually the same. The reason why your ex is stringing you along is because he or she doesn't really want to let you go entirely. Your ex can still see a future with you. If he or she never wanted to see you again that person would never call you again and would avoid you like the plague. The fact that he or she keeps you close should tell you that you are still near and dear to his or her heart.

    So then why the break up? Why did your ex leave you if he or she still wants to be with you? Well, there could be a number or reasons. The biggest reason being that your ex is going through a "selfish phase" at the moment. Your ex feels like he or she hasn't gotten everything out of his or her system yet. This is very akin to a midlife crisis or it could be because your ex was too young for a relationship. Your ex feels the need to get out there, party, date and explore. At the same time, your ex knows that in the very near future he or she will want to settle down. But right now, your ex is simply not ready for that commitment.

    The good news is that your ex will be ready for a relationship and a serious commitment. It might not be in the next few days and it could even be in a year, but eventually that ex will be ready. When your ex is ready for that relationship he or she will look back on the other serious relationships they have had in the past. If a recent long term partner is still in their life, like you, and there is not too much bad blood between you two, you can bet that your ex will be ringing you up.

    If a person is not ready for a committed relationship, you must give them space because it is not going to happen until they are ready. No amount of forcing will make them ready. But staying in their life and keeping the lines of communication open and HAPPY will help you to be the number one choice when that person is ready for a commitment. Even if your ex is dating other people, bite your lip and keep good relations with your ex.