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    Hi, my name is Simon Taylor and I had suffered from premature ejaculation for years. My story on how I overcame premature ejaculation may interest you.

    I am 29 years old and had been in numerous relationships in my 20's. In each and every one I experienced that horrendous moment when I prematurely ejaculated. If you had experienced it as many times as I have, you would know it is embarrassing and disheartening. Of course it is also frustrating to end a pleasurable moment of intimacy so quickly.

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    Help Getting A Date Article

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    Attract Woman : Initiate, Educate, Perservere

    Letís cut to the chase. For a man to succeed with women, he must be able to initiate communication with a woman. The secret behind success in meeting, approaching, talking to, and seducing women in the twenty-first century is the ability to INITIATE! Get out there and make the effort. This may sound easy enough, but it isnít. Many of you already know how hard it can be to approach a woman. This chapter explains why it is so important to take the initiative and learn from your mistakes. With this book, you will learn the ways of women, what attracts them, and what discourages them! Educating yourself is extremely important for success with women. You will soon know how to read women, how to approach women and how to talk to women in order to get them interested in being with you. You will also learn more about yourself, and how your mind helps you attain goals.

    You will practice meeting women, you will talk to them, and you will undoubtedly face rejection, especially in the beginning. You must persevere through failure and rejection and continue to experiment and initiate! You will realize that each failure can only lead to greater success!


    Chances are, women wonít arbitrarily flirt with you on the street. They wonít offer their bodies to you. They wonít approach you and ask for your number. You have to initiate meeting women. Once you meet a woman she will decide if she wants to further the relationship. If you exchange numbers, you still must initiate. Call her. Donít wait for her to call you.

    Initiating contact with the opposite sex is the key to success with women.

    You have to get out there and actively pursue women. Meet and date as many women as you can. Even if you decide not to date the women you meet, you will gain valuable experience just by taking the initiative to approach them.

    The ability to approach women comes with practice and also confidence. The better you feel about yourself, the more women will respond to you. Your behavior can be a direct suggestion of your level of confidence. You may need to build up your self-esteem in order to feel confident communicating with women. A man with high self-esteem will confidently walk right up to the most beautiful woman in the room and start talking to her. However, a man who is not sure of himself will be unsuccessful in achieving his goal of meeting and seducing the woman of his dreams. Which guy do you want to be? If you don’t feel good about yourself, or you know of areas you could improve, take a trip to the nearest library or bookstore. Pick up a couple of books on how to improve your self-image. You should recognize and try to improve your weaknesses thereby lowering the possibility of rejection. The next chapter may help you identify areas for improvement.


    You need to educate yourself on both women and men, and how their minds work. The more you know about women, the better your chances are for success. If you know how women think, and what they want, then you have the power to respond and behave in ways that will attract any woman. By creating an image that women want you will attract the women you desire. This book will teach you everything you need to know about women, including what they like to see and hear, and how they want to be treated.Consider this book your new Bible. But knowing women is only half the battleÖyou also need to know how men think.

    Yeah, you heard me right – you need to know how your own mind works. We all have conscious thoughts, and make conscious decisions every day. But there is also our subconscious to consider. When we set goals, our subconscious keeps track of these goals, and influences the results in our conscious mind. When we encounter fears or rejection, our subconscious deals with these obstacles and adjusts our conscious mind accordingly. We are able to keep our goals in focus through changes made in the subconscious mind. When you make mistakes, or face obstacles, your subconscious mind chalks these things up to experience and expects that you will continue to pursue your goals. And that is just what you need to do - learn from your mistakes and move on.

    For our purposes, you must always keep your goals in mind, and continue towards them with relentless enthusiasm.


    As you begin your journey into the world of dating you will still be learning approach techniques and you should try to figure out what works best for you. This means trying the techniques in this book, and adapting them to your personal style. You will no doubt make changes in your appearance an your behavior to become more successful with women. Some things you will learn the easy way, and others you will learn the hard way. However, before you develop your best approach, you must be prepared for rejection.

    Everything takes practice.
    Donít expect immediate success without failure.

    Every man experiences rejection; it is part of the entire process. Hell, it is part of life! Every failure leads to a greater success. Remember: the more practiced you are at approaching and meeting women, the more confident you will become. This ultimately leads to a higher success rate with women! Donít get discouraged if you get shut down – consider it her loss. With each rejection, you have to be able to regroup, move on, and apply the lessons learned.

    You will learn your dating goals in Chapter 2. These goals will be the basis for your dating strategies. Visualize your goals and make it your priority to meet these goals.