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    Learn about the secrets to successful dating.

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    Dealing With Break-Ups
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    My Story
    Hi, I'm Chase Oliver and I'm 32 years old.

    I was engaged to a woman named Sara, whom I was in love with more than anything...

    And one day, completely out of the blue - she broke things off

    She said she wasn't ready and that she needed time, and she didn't know how long it would take.

    I was completely devastated. I mean, we had even had names picked out for our future children!

    My whole world was flipped upside-down.

    But then something very strange happened... Read the Rest


    The Seduction Method

    Here are just a few of the things you'll learn:

    Where to meet women - for real, and we're not talking about just the singles bars

    What to say - exactly what words to use, including the inflection and pacing

    How to prepare for seduction - what to wear, clothes, cologne, shoes, jewelry

    How to prepare your inner strategies - keeping your attitude right and tight

    Women's psychology - what she's thinking during the whole process

    Sexual Secrets - How to drive your woman wild in bed - for real! Learn the truth about the G-spot, cunnilingus, anal sex, and much more...

    How to progress from a smile to touching to kissing to sex

    What seduction really is - It's not what you think!

    What women are really looking for from a man before they give him sex, and how to give it to her

    Not only the techniques and strategies, but how to keep sharpening these skills and developing them as you go

    Why you can't aim for seduction to achieve seduction, and what your real goal should be

    Why women want seduction as much as you do

    How to always be prepared with your planning horizon so that you never miss a step in your seduction plan

    How to rid yourself of worry and anxiety in the process

    How to use scarcity and self-interest to your advantage

    Increasing your desirability in women's eyes

    How to talk to a woman and avoiding conversational mistakes

    What you do say to her to put her into a passionate, suggestive state

    The Veil of Romantic Illusion, and how to pace yourself to stay on track

    How to get past her defensive shields, and recognize her triggers

    The Sphere of Control and the Sphere of Influence

    The Seduction Attitude, and the key traits

    How to be the jerk women adore

    Developing a baseline for seduction success

    Your appearance - how to maximize your assets

    How to handle introversion (for the shy seducer)

    How to get past her trust defenses

    The Role Reversal, and how to seduce her with your humor

    Social Proof, and how it is essential to your strategies

    Dominant and Submissive behaviors, and how to use

    Handling seduction setbacks, like her friends, excuses, and anger

    The TRUTH about one-night-stands

    A proven, effective method to getting women into a threesome


    The Seduction Method works, and it's compiled technique from over twenty years of dating, as well as the latest understanding of male and female psychology and physiology. You'll learn the reality behind a woman's eyes and how to read her like a book.


    No more confusion ...

    No more frustration, feeling like she's from another world.


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