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    My Story
    Hi, I'm Chase Oliver and I'm 32 years old.

    I was engaged to a woman named Sara, whom I was in love with more than anything...

    And one day, completely out of the blue - she broke things off

    She said she wasn't ready and that she needed time, and she didn't know how long it would take.

    I was completely devastated. I mean, we had even had names picked out for our future children!

    My whole world was flipped upside-down.

    But then something very strange happened... Read the Rest


    How To Become an Alpha Male!

    I've got good news for you: seduction is much easier than you realize. In this article I'll reveal a simple, proven-to-work system to hook up with your dream girl. These five secrets you're about to learn may be controversial... but they're based on a woman's natural desires.

    *Secret #1: She /Wants/ You To Seduce Her. The first bit of knowledge that will help you seduce women is the absolute truth that women love sex as much as you do - and maybe even more! That's not only been my own personal experience, but it's also what any guy who's truly successful with women will tell you. (Just ask them!) Okay, if you're one of those guys who are more scientifically-minded, for whom anecdotal experience isn't enough, you can look at scientific proof. The State University of New York did a study of couples who had problems with low sex drive, and found that 60% of the time, it was the /man/ who had the lower sex drive. Kind of turns your worldview upside down I bet. When you cut through all of the things that women are expected by society to say, and you instead observe their actual behavior, you find sex drives that are every bit as strong as men's. Like I said, this is a huge paradigm-shift for your thinking. If you go from a position of being the undesired guy struggling to trick a woman into fooling around... to suddenly seeing yourself as a heartthrob who's giving the woman exactly what she wants... do you see what a big difference this will make in your dating life and confidence level?

    *Secret #2 She's A Horn Dog. Armed with this knowledge of how badly women want you, here's another dirty little secret: the reason women want men in the first place is for sex. You heard that right -- the woman flirting with you wants you to be a man who makes sparks fly, not some wishy-washy nice guy. You need to understand that contrary to what many guys think, women do not just want emotional support from you; the typical woman can get all the emotional support she'd ever want from her girlfriends and platonic guy friends. You're her man, not her buddy. Nice guys really do finish last.

    *Secret #3: You Must Take The Lead. As much as women desire your body, they are trained by our sexually-repressed society that "good" girls don't approach guys or make the first move. This may be unfortunate, but there's nothing you can do other than work with the gender role your dream girl has been made to fill. That means you need to be self-confident and alpha to attract her. (Don't confuse that with going the opposite extreme and being a jerk though.) But the bottom line is, if you continue to be timid and shy, you'll likely continue to be alone the rest of your life.

    *Secret #4: Lure Her In A Slow Mating Dance. Unlike men, for a woman to achieve orgasm (and this is confirmed by recent neurological studies using brain scans of women having sex), a woman must be completely relaxed and free from strong emotions like anxiety and worry. Because of this, a woman builds up into sexual arousal much slower than a man does. And so here's the thing: you cannot go from saying "hi" to a new girl to knocking boots in 5 minutes. A more realistic time period is 4 to 10 hours of continuous time together. You see, for a woman, sex goes beyond physical pleasure, to the realm of feeling a deep connection with you, on not only a physical level but on an emotional one as well. She must feel:

    a. That she has a "chemistry" with you.
    b. That you physically and emotionally desire her.

    *Secret #5: Seduction Begins Long Before You Enter The Bedroom. Women are about 1,000 times more sensual than men. This means that for them, sexual intercourse isn't an act unto itself, but a tiny part of a much larger context. Everything from you holding her in your arms... to kissing her... to "doing it"... are all connected. That means your interactions with a woman -- starting from the very first moment you talk to her -- are really just long, slow foreplay. When you tease a woman by making a playful comment, you're engaged in foreplay. When you play a silly game of "thumb wars" in order to get her comfortable with the two of you touching each other's hands, that's also part of the arousal. Proper foreplay with a woman comes down to taking small steps forward, then going backward. Then you go forward again, this time advancing a little further than before. Then go backward again. And so on. So for example, when you first hold her hand, don't then progress to putting your arm around her. Instead release her hand after a few minutes, talk for a few minutes more, then hold her hand again, and then once she's totally comfortable with that you put your arm around her. Be the man and keep the date progressing forward, but don't have a straight line. Just keep enticing her. That's all seduction really comes down to.

    By John Alexander

    *About The Author: *

    A virgin until well into his 20s, John Alexander never had much going for him. He wasn't athletic, good-looking or good at making conversation. Nor did he have much money, a nice car or an outgoing personality. All he had going for him were his obsessive study of human psychology and biology and his fanatical drive for self improvement. What he discovered were secrets that changed his life in the most incredible way you can imagine, and today he finds himself in one "you would never believe this" situation after another with hot, lustful women. Alexander put his system together into a special guide called How to Become an Alpha Male.