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    Strip Tease

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    This idea primarily applies to women who want to do something for their guy. Although it is nice when a woman gets a little strip tease from their guy, it sort of lacks the same appeal. Also, if you are a guy who wants a romantic and sassy strip tease from your woman, she has to be willing. You can't just think it is a great idea and suggest it if she isn't really in the mood, or if she feels awkward doing it. That will kill the mood. This must be the woman's idea.

    Girls, you know how cheesy strip clubs are, and yet they hold so much appeal for me! So cheese out and go to a lingerie store for something completely impractical but fun. Get that cheesy stripper outfit, maybe some stick-on rhinestones or body jewelery and perhaps even a new and wild wig (the wig should be realistic). You could really turn yourself into someone completely new!

    Select some good dance music, something hot and thumping. Get a few selections ready. You need to play the part so make sure your skin is silky smooth, wear some sexy musk and put on way too much makeup. You could even go tranny style and get those giant fake eyelashes. Do it up darling!

    Have your guy seated in the middle of the room on a chair with small or no arms. Make sure the lights are down low and have the music blaring. You don't need to know how a strip tease goes and you certainly don't need to be a professional! Just make it up as you go along. Move slowly and seductively and keep close to him at all times. A lap dance is very physical. It is not you dancing for him and stripping two feet away. It is you on his lap or in other close positions letting him help undress you himself! Have fun with it!

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